Schlossberg, LLC  Practice Areas

Asset Protection

Because of the increasingly litigious nature of our society, protecting one’s assets has become more important than ever before. In many ways, asset protection has become foundational to every one of our practice areas at Schlossberg, LLC, whether it is business law, estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, litigation, or even our non-profit and charitable practices. The potential exposure to frivolous claims is a part of our analysis of a client’s situation at all times, and our commitment to implementing proactive, creative strategies based upon well-founded legal principles provides our clients with the advantage of security in their endeavors to successfully compete in their chosen fields of industry.

Many of the strategies we utilize are simple, basic, and time tested approaches that may have been overlooked by others: homesteading, titling of assets, incorporating, recommending appropriate insurance coverages, to name a few. We also employ more sophisticated and complex approaches that are unique to each client’s circumstances, but may utilize entities such as family limited partnerships, domestic asset protection trusts, dynasty trusts, or special needs trusts in appropriate circumstances. Our asset protection offerings include:

  1. Homesteads
  2. Limited Liability Companies (with and without series)
  3. Family Limited Partnerships
  4. Maximizing Protection via Asset Tilting
  5. Domestic Asset Protection Trusts
  6. Irrevocable Trusts (with Spendthrift and Discretionary Provisions)
  7. Dynasty Trusts
  8. Special Needs Trusts
  9. Medicaid Trusts
  10. Life Insurance Trusts and Planning
  11. Qualified Terminable Interest Property (QTIP) Trusts
  12. Offshore Planning