Schlossberg, LLC  Practice Areas

Real Estate

Our firm provides buyer, seller, and owner representation for all real estate matters including purchase and sale agreements, financing, zoning and leasing. Our clients range from individuals to builders and developers of residential, industrial and commercial projects, to lenders and mortgage bankers. Our firm provides representation in all aspects of real estate, and our real estate department works closely with our Estate Planning and Business Departments to ensure that our client’s real estate interests are part and parcel of a client’s overall plan.

Real estate services include:

  1. Real estate contracts, purchase and sale agreements; new construction
  2. Commercial leasing
  3. Financing:  Acquisition loans, refinancing, seller financing.
  4. Zoning review and opinions; permitting
  5. Landlord/tenant relationships (evictions; commercial and residential leases)
  6. Entity formation for protection of real estate interests (LLC, LP, etc.)
  7. Construction contract review
  8. Probate of estates with title issues

We realize that for most people real estate will be their single largest investment and this investment should be adequately protected before its purchase, while it is owned and when it is sold.  Please call Scott Wolf, the firm’s real estate partner, at (781) 848-5028 to discuss how we can help you.


Scott I. Wolf, Chair
Tiffany L. Stichel
Gregory P. Hillier
Shatilla Shera B. Cairns
Scarlen De La Cruz, Real Estate Team Administrator