Schlossberg, LLC  Practice Areas


Our firm offers many years of experience in tax law. Our supervising attorneys have master's degrees in tax law. Whether you are an individual or business, decisions cannot be made without analysis of the respective tax issues involved. We work closely with the C.P.A. or accountant responsible for the tax compliance in order to provide a coordinated approach to tax planning and tax litigation.

Our tax services include:

  1. Tax planning
  2. Tax Protest letters
  3. Refund suits
  4. Sales and use tax audit
  5. Appellate Tax Board petitions
  6. Preparation of estate tax returns
  7. Tax deferred compensation agreements
  8. Forgiveness of indebtedness income issues
  9. Estate planning petitions for gifts by incapacitated clients
  10. Tax court petitions
  11. Offers-in-compromise
  12. Tax Disclaimers
  13. Domicile Audits
  14. Apellate Tax
  15. Tax Litigation
  16. Tax Fraud (Civil)

We provide methods of attaining your overall business planning and estate planning goals while keeping your taxes to a minimum. We are sensitive to the issues facing tax controversies... we explore all options available to you and stay on top of your case in order to get the most favorable resolution in a timely manner.

A thorough analysis of the tax consequences is required of even the simplest transaction because of the complexity of our tax laws. Our attorneys are equipped and experienced in handling numerous tax issues and that allows us to develop strategic plans to meet your specific needs.